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Roderick R. Rowland


Materials Science and Engineering


Metallurgical Engineering

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Newkirk, Joseph William
O'Keefe, T. J. (Thomas J.)

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Materials Science and Engineering


The effect of plasma treatment on the oxidation behavior of Ti-22Al-27Nb (atomic%) has been studied. The alloy, cast as an ingot by triple VAR and worked to a billet, was cut into smaller samples and oxidation plasma pre-treated. Oxidation plasma pre-treatments were conducted at four ambient temperatures: 25°C, 200°C, 400°C, and 500°C. Both the untreated and plasma pre-treated samples were oxidized at 700°C and 1000°C for one hour, in a muffle furnace. The oxidation behavior of the samples led us to do an extended oxidation of 100 hours at 700°C. The 200°C plasma pre-treated samples showed a definite leveling out of oxidation rate, while the non-treated samples had a continually increasing oxidation rate at times at or past 100 hours.

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29 Jan 1993

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Metallurgy Commons