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William R. Macneil


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Electrical Engineering

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Cox, Norman R.

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Electrical and Computer Engineering


The University of Missouri - Rolla (UMR) will be entering SUNRAYCE '93 and the World Solar Challenge and expects to excel in these solar-powered car races. Some of the factors involved in winning a race include efficiency, reliability, and high power. All of these are important considerations, but will be ineffective unless appropriately harnessed by a power management scheme appropriate to a race strategy. The power management scheme will be used to efficiently and effectively distribute available power to the car's systems throughout a race day. My goal was to produce a software framework into which the specifications and performance models of the UMR car, Sol Survivor, can be inserted as they evolve. Data is taken from a telemetry system and processed to produce "fuel gauges" for the driver. As of yet, a final vehicle is not available, so the specifications are estimates based upon worst- case scenarios. Detail is added to the software model as work proceeds.

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29 Jan 1993