Multicomponent Gas Mixture Parametric Cfd Study of Condensation Heat Transfer in Small Modular Reactor System Safety


Safety is always the primary concern for designing and analyzing nuclear reactor systems. The requirements for the safety margin for advanced small modular reactor (SMR) systems are targeted even higher than the conventional commercial large-scale nuclear reactors incorporating the passive and inherent safety systems. The SMR systems are designed with the condensation passive containment cooling system (PCCS), which plays a critical role in removing reactor heat during a steam release accident case. However, the presence of non-condensable gas (NCG), like air, reduces the heat transfer performance. This physics phenomenon becomes multifactorial for nuclear reactor containment during a fuel failure accident case that releases hydrogen gas. Besides, the mixture component of steam-air-hydrogen varies in reactor accident cases, which needs simulation and validation keeping parameters of importance. Reviews showed that previous studies for SMR's PCCS did not cover the condensation heat transfer (CHT) in the presence of multicomponent NCG mixture parametric computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation and validation, making a research gap in the SMR design safety. A comprehensive CHT parametric CFD study was performed for SMR PCCS to fill this research gap. This study used experimental data as simulation 3D physics domain inlet and outlet boundary conditions. However, the wall boundary conditions were constant temperature, curve-fit, and annular coolant for verifying the turbulence models. Parametric simulations were performed, verified, and optimized for steam-NCG mixtures. The multicomponent gases, multiphase mixtures, and fluid film condensation models were applied with associated turbulence models. The results of the parametric study were evaluated for realistic reactor conditions. Results showed that parametric study provided critical insight about the dependency of multicomponent gas mixture parameters that supports reactor safety design, analysis, and licensing.


Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Science

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Computational Fluid Dynamics (Cfd); Condensation Heat Transfer (Cht); Mixture; Multicomponent Gas; Parametric Study; Passive Safety; Small Modular Reactor (Smr)

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01 Mar 2023