Needs Analysis of a Flexible Computerized Management Infrastructure


The United States' Energy Policy Act of 2005 is expected to facilitate construction of new commercial nuclear power plants. In the meanwhile, current plants are in the process of obtaining licenses for extended operation beyond their predetermined design life. In this beneficial yet challenging situation, it seems desirable to develop a strategic plan for smooth and seamless transition from paper based procedure systems to computer based procedure systems for improved performance and safety of the existing nuclear power plants. Many utilities already maintain procedures using word processing software, but it is common to print paper copies for daily use. At this time it is highly desirable to better understand the collective as well as individual document management needs of a commercial nuclear power plant as they migrate to a computer based system. As a contributory role in initiating a strategic plan, this paper offers a comprehensive questionnaire that is suitable for conducting a survey to determine the related needs of the utilities. The questionnaire covers three major areas: Formatting and User Friendly Features; Technical & Environmental Considerations; and Safety, System Integrity & Regulatory Considerations. A plan to conduct the proposed survey is also outlined in the future work section of this paper.

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5th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Plant Instrumentation Controls, and Human Machine Interface Technology, NPIC and HMIT 2006 (2006: Nov. 12-16, Albuquerque, NM)


Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Science

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Licenses; Nuclear power plants; United States - Energy Policy Act of 2005

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Article - Conference proceedings

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16 Nov 2006

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