Dissertations from 2020


Characterization of neutron irradiated accident tolerant nuclear fuel cladding silicon carbide & radiation detector deadtime, Bader Almutairi


Modeling a nuclear research reactor and radiation dose estimation in an accident scenario, Abdulaleem Abdulmajeed Bugis


Design of x-ray source for real-time computed tomography, Wesley William Tucker

Dissertations from 2019


Reactor configurations to support advanced material research, Thaqal Mazyad Alhuzaymi


Microstructural evolution of zirconium carbide (ZrCₓ) ceramics under irradiation conditions, Raul Florez


Applications of machine learning in nuclear imaging and radiation detection, Shaikat Mahmood Galib


Development and characterization of nanostructured steels and high entropy alloys for nuclear applications, Andrew Kalevi Hoffman


Experimental investigation of liquid contact in the developing post-dryout CHF flow boiling regime using surface mounted thermistors, Hiralkumar Harshadbhai Patel

Dissertations from 2018


Investigation of the hydrodynamics and scale-up of advanced TRISO nuclear fuel manufacturing using sophisticated measurement techniques, Thaar M. Aljuwaya


Design and development of a compact x-ray tube for stationary CT architecture, Ashish Vighnahar Avachat


The significance of grouping and missed bubbles on interfacial area concentration and void fraction, Chandller Stephen-Leslie Mills


Advancement in thermal energy storage using phase change materials, Rami Mohammad Reda Saeed

Dissertations from 2017


Studies on neutron diffraction and X-ray radiography for material inspection, Fahima Fahmida Islam


Discrete ordinates CT organ dose simulator (DOCTORS), Edward T. Norris


Gamma spectroscopy by artificial neural network coupled with MCNP, Huseyin Sahiner

Dissertations from 2016


Evaluating of scale-up methodologies of gas-solid spouted beds for coating triso nuclear fuel particles using advanced measurement techniques, Neven Y. Ali


Proactive strategies in personal dose monitoring, prevention and mitigation, Manish Kumar Sharma


Thorium-based mixed oxide fuel in a pressurized water reactor: A feasibility analysis with MCNP, Lucas Powelson Tucker


Study of heat transfer phenomenon during natural convection, Muhammad Yousaf

Dissertations from 2015


Iterative CT reconstruction from few projections for the nondestructive post irradiation examination of nuclear fuel assemblies, Muhammad Imran Khan Abir


Characterization of bending fatigue mini-specimens for nuclear materials, Ahmed Suliman R. Haidyrah


Impact of thorium based molten salt reactor on the closure of the nuclear fuel cycle, Safwan Qasim Mohammad Jaradat

Dissertations from 2014


Development of a flat-panel x-ray source, Edwin Joseph Grant


Local liquid velocity measurement of trickle bed reactor using digitial industrial X-ray radiography, Khairul Anuar Mohd Salleh


Development of a nitrogen incorporated ultrananocrystalline diamond film based field emitter array for a flat panel X-ray source, Chrystian Mauricio Posada


Synthesis of radioactive and nonradioactive nanostructures through radiolytic and wet chemistry, Jessika Viviana Rojas Marin


Thermal-fluid modeling of the Missouri S&T reactor, Susan Maria Sipaun

Dissertations from 2013


Design, development and characterization of a novel neutron and X-ray combined computed tomography system, Vaibhav Sinha

Dissertations from 2010


Dead time and count loss determination for radiation detection systems in high count rate applications, Amol Patil

Dissertations from 2003

Dynamic finite element analysis of precracked, notched and layered Charpy impact tests, Jaime H. McCoy

Spectral algorithm modifications for (alpha,N) reactions on beryllium in the SOURCES computer code, Erik F. Shores

Dissertations from 2001

Three-dimensional nodal neutron transport program with the ability to handle spatial heterogeneities, Micheal Addison Smith

Dissertations from 1999

Buildup factor formulae for multi-layer shields, Mevlut Guvendik


Nuclear fuel pellet quality control using artificial intelligence techniques, Xiaolong Song

Dissertations from 1998

Genetic algorithms - a new technique for solving the neutron spectrum unfolding problem, David Wayne Freeman

Dissertations from 1997

Nuclear reaction secondary particle dose distributions and dose enhancement by boron neutron capture in proton beam therapy evaluated using the LAHET Code System, Peter Gyula Laky

Dissertations from 1995

Multidimensional neutral particle transport in cylindrical media using the singularity subtraction technique, Phillip D. Ferguson

Double spherical harmonics - finite element treatment of neutron transport in planar and cylindrical geometries, Hatem Khouaja

Calculation of gamma ray efficiency and response function of a Ge detector by the Monte Carlo Method, Bijaya Shrestha

Dissertations from 1993

Development of inservice inspection priorities for nuclear power plant components, T. V. Vo

Dissertations from 1989

Mixed convection in laminar/turbulent separated backward-facing step flows, Jen-Tai Lin

Dissertations from 1985

Numerical simulation of mixing processes in two-dimensional channel flows, Milan Karel Straka

Dissertations from 1984

Statistical approach to sensitivity analysis of thermal-hydraulic parameters applied to the safety of nuclear reactors during two-phase flow, M. Smaeil Mahjoobi Assil

Dissertations from 1982

Comparative study of the boundary element technique and the finite element method in two dimensional eigenvalue problem, Farough Baradari

Dissertations from 1980

An alternate high pressure injection system for pressurized-water reactors, Gary Edward Mueller

The effect of availability improvement of a nuclear power plant on the cost of generating electricity, Seyyed Mohammad Reza Nejat

Dissertations from 1978

Fast breeder reactor blanket management: Comparison of LMFBR and GCFR blankets, Mohammad Hossein Jankhah

Dissertations from 1976

PUMN: A radiation damage simulation computer program for the winery system, John Paul Kuspa

Dissertations from 1975

Effect of photoneutrons on transients of beryllium reflected reactors, Safdar Ahmad Ali

A computer technique for calculating the radiological consequences of pressurized water reactor power plant hypothetical accidents, Charles Francis Gill


A study of the effect of rotation on the nucleate boiling from a vertical copper cylinder, Ralph Ramon Landry

Dissertations from 1973


A computer model for three-dimensional simulation of thermal discharges into rivers, Henry Anthony Till

Dissertations from 1971


Low-energy electron transport by the method of discrete ordinates, David E. Bartine


A Monte Carlo calculation of neutron reflection from various curved surfaces, Charles Jack Kalter

Dissertations from 1970


Higher space mode analysis of a large cylindrical pulsed H₂O system, Harold David Hollis

Dissertations from 1968


Investigation by neutron diffraction utilizing white neutron radiation, Arlen Ray Schade

Dissertations from 1966


A study of the supercooling behavior of high purity liquid bismuth, B. L. Bramfitt