Intelligent Machine Monitoring and Sensing for Safe Surface Mining Operations


The creation and maintenance of a healthy surface mining environment require advanced research initiatives for developing powered excavation and haulage technologies. The shovel-truck system is widely used in surface mining due to flexibility, economics and maintainability. Advances in technology have resulted in large shovels and trucks for economic, bulk operations. These advances have resulted in high-impact shovel loading operations (HISLO), which cause significant vibrations and affect an operator's health. Dump truck operators also face challenges in interacting with mine layouts, which include limited vision due to extensive “blind” areas and truck stability in difficult conditions. This paper contains a summary on frontier research on truck control, vision and collision avoidance and vibrations and their effects. Dynamic modeling is used to capture truck-road interactions. Intelligent sensing and collision avoidance system is used to develop an integrated system for a 360° vision. Theoretical models are also used to capture the effects of vibrations from HISLO. Virtual simulators are used to simulate the response of the integrated system to HISLO vibrations. This research is significant because it will provide a strong basis for developing technologies to improve shovel-truck haulage safety in surface mines and construction sites.


Mining Engineering

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Truck Vibrations; Dynamic Control; Operating Safety; Situational Awareness

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 2009