Maximizing Value of a Giant Offshore Asset through Proper Production Planning, Optimization and Capacity Management


The fundamental objective of operators of oil and gas fields is to maximize hydrocarbon production from their assets safely, economically and without jeopardizing the ultimate recovery from the producing reservoir. It is a challenge to achieve this objective for a large, complex and dynamic system like the subject offshore field. The production planning process is a key task within reservoir and production management to maximize production. Recognizing the importance of proper production planning and optimization, a dedicated team was formed in ZADCO in 2008 to enhance the work flow/process for production planning. In this paper, we present how the team modified the existing work flows/processes using a new string-by-string planning, optimization and monitoring tool to transform the existing reactive production planning procedures to a proactive and dynamic production planning process. The focus has been on integration of different components of the production optimization process and enhancing communication among all stakeholders. The new system allows for continuous monitoring of the planned vs. actual and facilitates quick adjustment of the forward plan to achieve the planned targets. The paper outlines how the integration of work processes between various disciplines is achieved so that decisions could be made with common view of the status and challenges ahead. New software tools, developed in house in ZADCO, help achieve this work flow in an efficient manner. The new production planning system has been implemented in ZADCO since March, 2009. The results show better compliance with reservoir/shareholders guidelines, reduced response time, improved "what-if" abilities and faster decision-making to deal with complex situations. Although the system is in initial stages of implementation, it has already resulted in an improvement in the operational efficiency of ~3%, which translates into thousands of STBD per day of additional production availability for the field. Copyright 2010, Society of Petroleum Engineers.

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14th Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference, ADIPEC 2010 (2010: Nov. 1-4, Abu Dhabi, UAE)


Mining Engineering

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04 Nov 2010