Ground Control Research at a Sandstone Mine


Pattison Mine is a small sandstone mine located in Iowa. The sandstones produced by the mine are not common construction and aggregate materials. The stones are used to produce a special type of sand for hydraulic fracturing, a critical technique for recovering tight gas and shale gas. These sandstones are very different from the minerals and rocks which have been studied extensively in mining. On the one hand, they are brittle as characterized by an unusually high friction angle, up to 69°, and steeply curved failure envelopes. On the other hand, they are friable, possessing extremely low, and in most cases zero cohesion. The scarcity of the ground control techniques for this particular mining environment has created many difficulties for the mine operators. In order to resolve these problems, a research program was set up by the mine and Missouri University of Science and Technology. This paper discusses the preliminary results of this investigation. Copyright © 2012 by SME.

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2012 SME Annual Meeting and Exhibit, SME 2012 (2012: Feb. 19-22, Seattle, WA)


Mining Engineering

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22 Feb 2012

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