Developing Material Flows Analysis-Based Indicators of Coal Mining's Impact on Society


Environmental conflict between the public and private sectors, including mining, is highly visible and often based on deeply divergent environmental, social, and economic values. In order to achieve sound public policies by government, scientifically rigorous and objective analyses of mining's impacts are demanded. Material flows accounting and analysis, linked with other data to generate indicators of environmental, social, and economic impacts of mining activity are means toward providing cogent input into public policy-making on key issues. This paper will present a material flows analysis scheme for the coal industry and recommend derived, objective indicators of coal mining's impact on society.

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2004 SME Annual Meeting and Exhibit


Mining Engineering

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Department of Energy (DOE); Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); Coal Industry; Consumer Products; Database Systems; Environmental Impact; Industrial Economics; Material Accumulation; Material Flows Account (MFA); Public Policy; Regulatory Compliance; Decision making; Environmental protection; Materials handling; Social aspects; Sustainable development

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 2004

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