Study on Performance-Based Design for Mine Fire Safety System


As opposed to a prescriptive-based design, a performance-based fire-protection system design allows the system planner the flexibility in choosing specific method, materials and design tools to achieve a preset goal. A different approach in fire protection and a powerful addition to existing method, the system has been around for many years, and has gone through numerous improvements. Despite its popularity in the building industry, it has not been introduced to the mining industry yet. As mines get deeper, increases in size and complication, mine fire safety system will also become increasingly challenging, a new and proven system should be able to great potential to eradicate many of the problems that are either unsolvable or cost-prohibitive with the traditional method. With increasing globalization and international exchange with other major mining countries a common language/practice also make the performance-based design method a desirable feature in mine fire safety system. This paper will first define a performance-based system, step-by-step design methods, likely impacts on fire-protection practices and possible challenges in implementing the system in US underground mines.

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SME Annual Meeting and Exhibit and CMA 113th National Western Mining Conference 2011


Mining Engineering

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Fire Model; Fire Safety; Performance-Based Design; Underground Coal Mine

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 2011

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