Simulation and Modeling of Pillar Stability and Analysis of Safety Factor


Simulation and modeling is powerful tool to analyze real time data and can be used to analyze different scenarios using appropriate software that may reduce need of infield data collection process and can predict reasonably accurate results. In this paper the real time data of a mine is used to simulate and model the stresses on the pillars and evaluate the pillar strength and safety factor. The material properties assigned to the model are obtained by testing the representative samples taken from the selected locations of the mine. The mine under investigation has 50 ft wide pillars and 50 ft wide rooms under an average overburden of 650 feet. The effect of reduced pillar dimensions and increased roof span on overall stability of mine and extraction ratio is analyzed using LaModel[1] software. The predicted results of the reducing pillar size are analyzed to compares the current mining practices with the optimized room and pillar size to get better extraction ratio without comprising the safety.

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SME Annual Meeting and Exhibit and CMA 113th National Western Mining Conference 2011


Mining Engineering

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 2011

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