Some Approaches to Handling Hydrogen Sulphide in Coal Seams


The study addresses Hydrogen Sulphide (H₂S) in coal seams. The objectives of the project were to undertake a comprehensive series of interrelated studies to gain a full understanding of this complex mine production problem. The goal was to understand how, where and why high concentration zones of H₂S occur, how does gas release from the coal mass occur, can concentrations be diluted or neutralised through improved ventilation, water, chemical or microbiological infusion, chemical solution sprays and can mining approaches be modified to contain the problem. A multidisciplined approach has been used for related investigations. Systems and the output streams available for H₂S detection and monitoring have been examined. The large variations in H₂S concentration measurements from different face sources and the physical differences in the longwall face, ventilation plan, and operating procedures make the interpretation of gas concentration data difficult. Respiratory filters represent a cost-effective and short-term safe way to protect miners from potentially lethal environment. A selection of cartridge and Racal airstream helmet filters has been described and some tests into filter life and efficiency undertaken. The mine ventilation system can be modified to allow safe production through H₂S affected zones. Designs for maximising safe production through affected mine panel or development headings have been tested. Mining options to reduce H₂S emissions have also been examined. A major program of in-seam chemical neutralisation infusion trials was undertaken. The basic aim of the chemical infusion process is to prestrip a significant proportion of H₂S to allow coal mining to proceed in a safe working environment at an economic production rate. Some approaches to analysis of results and evaluating the efficiency of the approach have been given.

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7th International Mine Ventilation Congress (2001: Jun. 17-22, Krakow, Poland)


Mining Engineering

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Hydrogen Sulphide; Infusion; Longwall; Respirator Filters; Ventilation Network Simulation

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Article - Conference proceedings

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22 Jun 2001

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