Aluminum Grinding with High Pressure Water Jet Assistance


Conventional grinding of soft and ductile materials is seriously hindered because of loading of the working surface of the grinding wheel and an accompanying loss of its grinding ability. The conditions of grinding operations improve considerably with the application of a water jet of the pressure of approximately 2 MPa for cleaning the grinding wheel. This report deals with the problems connected with grinding of aluminum alloys. The dependences and relations between the cutting parameters, cutting speed, depth of cut, grinding wheel parameters, and workpiece material, and water jet parameters, type of nozzle, flow ratio, pressure, used liquid, on the one hand and workpiece surface quality and the life of the grinding wheel on the other hand and presented in this report. It was concluded that the application of proper grinding wheel cleaning conditions can increase by several times the time of its life which at estimated costs attractively present the economical aspects of application of such a way of cleaning the working surface of the grinding wheel.

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5th American Water Jet Conference


Mining Engineering

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 1989

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