In-Situ Mine Measurement of Rock Conductivity and Diffusivity Properties


The flow of heat through rock into mine openings is strongly affected by the rock thermal properly values of diffusivity, α and conductivity, k. In situ tests to determine these properties are desirable. Laboratory measurements have shortcomings due to the small size of specimen tested and lack of allowance for effects such as jointing, rock stress, saturation and moisture or gas migration. A new approach for in situ measurement, REKA (rapid evaluation of k and α), which measures quickly and accurately thermal properties for a significant volume of rock is described. Measurements on various rock types have been undertaken at three Australian underground mines. The investigations and results are discussed and comparisons made with laboratory measurements on similar rock types. The REKA technique has been shown to be an efficient method of measuring two important input parameters for underground mine climate simulation computer programs used in the planning of cooling and ventilation in hot mines.

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5th International Mine Ventilation Congress (1992: Oct. 25-30, Johannesburg, South Africa)


Mining Engineering

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Heat; Mine Openings; Rock; Rock Thermal Property Values

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Article - Conference proceedings

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30 Oct 1992

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