Effect of Ambient Temperature on Stress, Deformation and Temperature of Dump Truck Tire


The influence of the ambient temperature on the stress, deformation and temperature of a dump truck tire has been predicted with the virtual tire model established in this work by employing the finite element method (FEM) and Algor software. The nonlinear stress-strain relationship of tire rubber material has been given by Mooney-Rivlin material model. The hysteresis and loss strain energy density have been related to give the heat generation rate. A two-dimensional (2D) FE model of rolling radial tire has been built in Algor environment according to the actual construction of bridgestone 24.00R35 tire adopted for Caterpillar Earth Mover 775E Model. The model consists of the tread, belt, carcass, air filled volume and tire-rim interface. The material properties of the components and boundary conditions from tire-rim contact and tire-road contact are considered. The mechanical event simulation (MES) with nonlinear material model and the steady-state heat transfer analysis have been performed. The analysis results of the tire stress, deformation and temperature are presented under the ambient temperatures ranging from -40 to 40. °C conditions at the Syncrude mine in Canada. The results show that the effect of the ambient temperature on the tire deformation is larger than on the tire stress. The increase of ambient temperature will cause the tire temperature rise. This study provides a comprehensive modeling and analysis that provide key to avoid tire temperature related failure. © 2012 .


Mining Engineering

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Dump Truck Tire; Finite Element Method; Modeling; Simulation; Stress-Deformation

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01 Jan 2012