Tempering Air with Tunnels: Full-Scale Tests and Design Dimensions


The purpose of this project was to determine the effectiveness of subsurface ground tubes or tunnels that passively precondition air for efficient home heating. the designs for ground tubes were based on data collected empirically from a full-scale test and from a theoretical study. the investigation was conducted during a 10-day period of below-freezing temperatures. Air was circulated through an underground tunnel at a constant airflow rate, and rock and air temperatures were observed every four hours at instrumented stations along the tunnel from the portal intake to the exhaust outlet. From this empirical base, suitable designs were developed for ground tubes or tunnels to temper winter air for home heating. It was determined that a heat pump unit could be incorporated as an energy transfer device between the below-ground warmed air and the home heating system.


Mining Engineering

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Heat Pump Systems; Heat Transfer - Analysis; Temperature Measurement; Tunnels and Tunneling

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2096-2754; 2467-9674

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01 Jan 1984

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