A system that can be used to pinpoint the specific training needs of operations and assist in the design and upgrading of focused training approaches can benefit longwall mining. It can be directed at systematically correcting performance discrepancies at an individual, crew, or mine level, and also to challenge workers and management toward attaining improved performances. Such an approach involves a combination of features, such as diligence in monitoring and evaluating performances, thorough coordination in implementing changes, and effective use of operational data.

The Bureau of Mines, through contract with the Mining Extension Service of West Virginia University, has developed such a system, the training in operations program (TOP), that combines these features and ties longwall training directly to operational performance requirements.

The TOP provides a practical five-step system for managers to implement a focused training program that coincides with longwall productivity and efficiency goals. The system permits management to plan, organize, and schedule task training, cross training, and specialized longwall skills training of regular crews and backup personnel.

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Mine Safety Education and Training Seminar


Mining Engineering

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May 1988