Experimental Investigation of Rectangular Pocket Milling with Abrasive Water Jet Using Specially Designed Tool


Gee, C.


The use of abrasive water jets (AWJ) for milling is a promising area of technology. However, it faces a greater challenge because of unavoidable variations in the value of process parameters. These include the water pressure, the standoff distance, the traverse speed of the nozzle over the surface, etc., variations in which can lead to unacceptable variations in cut depth that affect the milled surface. However, if an appropriate set of abrasive water jet parameters are selected, then a very smooth milled surface can be achieved. In this paper, an AWJ system was used in milling rectangular pockets using a specially designed tool instead of a standard nozzle. Different parameters including water pressures, standoff distances, traverse speeds and the increment rate between two adjacent tracks were investigated. With proper parameters, a very smooth milled surface could be achieved. © BHR Group 2004 Water Jetting.

Meeting Name

17th International Conference on Water Jetting: Advances and Future Needs


Mining Engineering


BHR Group Limited

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Abrasive Water Jet; Cutting Depth; Rectangular Pocket Milling; Surface Roughness

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Article - Conference proceedings

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Publication Date

01 Jan 2004

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