Contrasting Performance in the Use of AWJ and ASJ Systems in the Cutting of Titanium


Over the past fifteen years there has been considerable interest in the use of an abrasive slurry (ASJ) system, as a more advanced form of cutting, in contrast with the more conventional abrasive waterjet system (AWJ). Among the advantages that can arise from the use of the former system, are a lower operational pressure, for the same resulting cutting performance, and also, where conditions are appropriate, that a narrower slot width can be achieved, allowing a higher precision in the cutting of parts. The potential commercial benefits that can arise, should the lower-pressure ASJ system prove of equivalent effectiveness in precision cutting of titanium are considerable. A program to evaluate the relative benefits of the two systems in cutting titanium is therefore in progress. The models that hold for cutting with the AWJ are found to require modification when they are used to predict performance in the ASJ world. Operational considerations in the use of an ASJ system, includes providing simpler and more rapid stop and start mechanisms for controlled cutting, which must be integrated into the circuit. Concerns about abrasive particle embedment in the surface are also discussed, as is a solution for ensuring their removal. © 2006 The Boeing Company.

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18th International Conference on Water Jetting (2006: Sep. 13-15, Gdansk, Poland)


Mining Engineering

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Abrasive Cutting; Abrasive Waterjet System (AWJ); Cutting Tools; Precision Cutting; Titanium

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Article - Conference proceedings

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15 Sep 2006

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