Coal Mine Face Area Ventilation


One of the most difficult places to ventilate in any mine is the working face area of an advancing mine heading. With an ever changing configuration, continual modification and extension to the ventilation system is necessary to maintain an adequate supply of fresh air and to control mixing and recirculation. An understanding of the air flow patterns which develop through use of different face ventilation systems can be reached by undertaking underground measurements or through observations using physical models. Tests undertaken by the author to determine the adequacy of different system configurations are discussed together with approaches adopted by others working in the United States. Various new methods have been proposed for improving face ventilation beyond that sustained using conventional brattice curtain or tubing systems. The adequacy of some advances adopted by mining companies to improve ventilation while maintaining output efficiency is discussed.

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Ventilation of Coal Mines, Proceedings of the Symposium.


Mining Engineering


Australasian Inst of Mining & Metallurgy, Illawarra Branch, A

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 1983

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