The Impact of Resource Rent Taxation on the Australian Mining Industry


A company tax rate based on profitability return, or as more commonly expressed, a resource rent taxation scheme has been introduced at various stages in the past by both Australian state and commonwealth governments. At present a number of overseas countries are applying this form of legislation to the taxing of sections of their mining industries. Within this study, ways in which this tax has been used are examined. The form in which the tax can be applied varies. 1. It can be selectively or universally applied. 2. The base on which economic return is calculated can be selected in a number of ways. 3. It can start operating only when high profit levels exist, or alternatively be the basis of a total taxation scheme. The implication for the Australian mining industry of the introduction of different types of resource rent taxation schemes is assessed within the contest of previously enacted systems.


Mining Engineering

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Australia; Resource Rent Taxation

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Sep 1978

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