Experimental Investigation on Composites Incorporating Rice Husk Nanoparticles for Environmental Noise Management


Environmental noise characteristics are determined by factors besides its source. One such factor is reverberation time, which in city canyons tends to be high due to the reflective characteristics of materials commonly used in building facades. Incorporating sound absorbing materials into building facades can help improve urban environments. This research evaluates different facade materials (concrete mix, mortar mix, vinyl spackling, and epoxy resin) incorporated with rice husk nanoparticles (NPs). Rice husk, in addition to presenting good properties for acoustic absorption, is one of the main agricultural wastes worldwide. Additionally, the characteristic of rice husk nanoparticles is correlated with milling time (longer grinding times enhance production of rice husk NPs). Sound absorption coefficients levels increase for compounds with a greater amount of rice husk NPs.

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Mining Engineering

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Environmental Noise; Nanoparticles; Rice Husk; Sound Absorbing Materials; Urban Facade

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1095-8630; 0301-4797

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01 Jan 2023

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