Bolt-Grouting Combined Support Technology in Deep Soft Rock Roadway


Analyzing the mineral composition, mechanical properties and ground stress testing in surrounding rock, the study investigated the failure mechanism of deep soft rock roadway with high stress. The bolt-grouting combined support system was proposed to prevent such failures. By means of FLAC3D numerical simulation and similar material simulation, the feasibility of the support design and the effectiveness of support parameters were discussed. According to the monitoring the surface and deep displacement in surrounding rock as well as bolt axial load, this paper analyzed the deformation of surrounding rock and the stress condition of the support structure. The monitor results were used to optimize the proposed support scheme. The results of field monitors demonstrate that the bolt-grouting combined support technology could improve the surround rock strength and bearing capacity of support structure, which controlled the great deformation failure and rheological property effectively in deep soft rock roadway with high stress. As a result, the long term stability and safety are guaranteed.


Mining Engineering


The authors are grateful for financial assistance provided by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 51404262), the Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province of China (No. BK20140213), the Basal Research Fund of China Central College (No. 2015QNA60).

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Bolts; Computer simulation; Concrete construction; Deformation; Ground supports; Grouting; Mortar; Numerical models; Rocks; Stresses; Bolt grouting support; Deep soft rock; Deformation failure; Deformation of surrounding rock; High stress; Mineral composition; Rheological property; Similar material simulations; Minerals; Bolt-grouting support; Deep soft rock roadway; Numerical simulation

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01 Sep 2016