Advanced Structural Materials to Mitigate Explosive and Impact Threats


New explosive threats face civilian populations each day; therefore, continuous upgrade of the defenses surrounding infrastructure and inhabited buildings is good practice. Today, barriers lack certain abilities such as mitigating shock waves, preventing the creation of secondary debris and the ability to take an impact from a vehicle. Better technology is needed. Testing provides a means to determine empirically, with less time, important parameters being sought for new advances. Several barriers have been built and tested to create a base line to see what a standard concrete barrier is able to do. Testing will then move on to test individual components that make up the barriers to determine how much of an impact they will have. When testing is complete, this research hopes to be able to determine the amount of pressure that can be mitigated using media confined inside of a concrete barrier. This research also seeks to develop new methods of building barriers in such a way that a blast impulse will be mitigated by the barrier, reducing the distance needed between the barrier and protected structure. © 2013 American Society of Civil Engineers.

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5th Biot Conference on Poromechanics, BIOT 2013


Mining Engineering


Vienna University of Technology/Technische
Universitat Wien
Engineering Mechanics Institute of the
American Society of Civil Engineers

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01 Jan 2013