Development of a Portable Coal Seam Gas Analyser


Gas content and composition are important parameters in predictive models for coal seam gas emission calculations, ventilation requirements and design of mine gas drainage systems. Accurate measurement of gas content is not easy. A number of different methods and approaches have been developed in Europe, the US and Australia. This paper examines various testing methods particularly a recently developed instrument, the Portable Gas Analyser (PGA). The PGA is a lightweight and low cost instrument used for direct measurements of seam gases such as CH₄, CO₂ and H₂S. It significantly changes the way seam gas quantities and concentrations can be estimated quickly. It allows quick estimations of these values to be made and reduces the need for full laboratory testing of exploration cores and mine samples to only those with very significant levels.

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17th International Mining Congress and Exhibition of Turkey


Mining Engineering

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Coal Seam Gas Emission Calculations; Gas Composition; Gas Content; Mine Gas Drainage Systems

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jun 2001

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