The design and performance of a compact autonomous completely explosive pulsed power system based on two physical effects, the transverse shock wave demagnetization of Nd2Fe14B high-energy hard ferromagnets and magnetic flux compression, are presented. A transverse shock wave ferromagnetic generator (FMG) served as a seed source, and a compact helical magnetic flux compression generator (FCG) was used as a pulsed power amplifier. Results of a theoretical and experimental study demonstrated reliable operation of the proposed FMG-FCG system. The methodology for analytical calculation of seed current amplitude is developed.


Mining Engineering

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Demagnetisation; Explosions; Ferromagnetic Materials; Iron Compounds; Neodymium Compounds; Permanent Magnet Generators; Permanent Magnets; Power Amplifiers; Pulsed Power Supplies; Shock Waves

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Nov 2005