Emerging Trends and Adoption of Standards for Stoppings and Seals in Australian Coal Mines


Strong regulatory changes have been imposed recently on some parts of the Australian coal industry pertaining to the construction of mine stoppings and seals. A study has been undertaken that examines these regulations and compares them with the changing situation in some foreign countries with similar mine layouts and practices. It examines the emerging responses to the regulatory and other changes through an analysis of the results of a comprehensive survey of the operational context of the placement of stopping seals in mines. These reviews establish the present views of mines and stopping and seal manufacturers as to the current practices, appropriateness of these approaches and future direction. Intrinsic to the successful operation of stoppings and seals is their adequacy as a tool in ventilation engineering. Questions as to the functionality in preventing oxygen ingress, toxic/combustible gas egress and pressure rating of the device or nearby strata are important and need to be examined over the stopping or seal lifetime. An expanded understanding is given of the device as a structural component within the mine system.

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11th U.S./North American Mine Ventilation Symposium (2006: Jun. 5-7, University Park, PA)


Mining Engineering

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Australia; Mines; Seals; Stoppings

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Article - Conference proceedings

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07 Jun 2006

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