Waterjet Cutting Parameterization Test for the Programmed Extraction of Explosive and Propellant from Military Casings


The use of high pressure water as a tool to cut and remove explosive material is becoming more common. A short series of tests is used to identify the operational parameters for the jets to effectively cut the material. From this experimental series, and previously determined waterjet impact sensitivity data, it is possible to define a system for effectively removing reactive material and to determine a suitable safety factor in terms of relative jet impact pressures. The parameterization procedure is the second step in the washout evaluation process of new energetic material demil. candidates. Parameterization follows waterjet impact sensitivity testing. Both procedures have been designed to maximize the data that can be obtained from a limited quantity of propellant material. Nine 2 inch diameter cylinders are required for the parameterization tests. In this testing the depth of cut is measured for varying jet parameters comprising nozzle diameter, pressure and traverse speed.


Mining Engineering

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Technical Report

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01 Jan 2009

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