Intelligent Modeling: Advances in Open Pit Mine Design and Optimization Research


Design and optimization of pit layouts yield the mineable ore reserves and minimum waste to maximize the net pit value and to ensure optimum location of surface facilities. Many algorithms and their modifications, derived from stripping ratio concepts, displacement of conic volumes, dynamic programming and graph theory, have been developed to design and optimize pit layouts. These algorithms have assisted engineers in making design decisions but they are limited in dealing with pit design stochastic processes. Large information and database and the requirement for complete rerun of these algorithms with information and data changes result in long computations and CPU times. Current algorithms do not provide analysts with intelligent design options ti deal with structural, hydrological and tectonics problems of mine design. In this paper, the authors discuss current state-of-the-art technology and research in intelligent modeling. Current and future research frontiers in intelligent modeling are also addressed with emphasis on developing efficient and user-friendly technology for pit design and optimization.


Mining Engineering

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Intelligent Modeling; Operations Research Algorithms; Stochastic Processes; Surface Mine Design and Optimization

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01 Jan 2002