Bone Surgery Simulation with Virtual Reality


Precise bone preparation is a key element for the successful long-term fixation of orthopaedic implants. Initial stability leading to reduced micromotion and direct apposition of the bone against the implant are mainly responsible for proper load transfer and bone remodeling. The fit and fill of the implant is created by shaping and sizing a cavity within the bone to accommodate the implant, which is usually accomplished by standard machining operations such as broaching, milling and drilling. This paper presents our initial study of developing a bone drilling simulation system, with the goal of guiding a novice surgeon to practice the bone drilling operation. A virtual reality approach is taken to provide force feedback, in order to make the simulation system more intuitive and interactive. Octree is used to organize and manipulate the volumetric data representing the bone model. Adaptive surface rendering is chosen as the graphics display algorithm. Multithreading is used to address the different update rates required in the real-time graphic and haptic displays.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Bone Surgery; Simulation; Virtual Reality

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Sep 2003