Automatic Process Planning of a Multi-Axis Hybrid Manufacturing System


With the integration of multi-axis layered manufacturing and material removal (machining) processes, a hybrid system has more capability and flexibility to build complicated geometry with a single setup. Process planning to integrate the two different processes is a key issue. In this paper, an algorithm of adaptive slicing for five-axis Laser Aided Manufacturing Process (LAMP) is summarized which can generate uniform- or non-uniform slices. In order to avoid interruption in the deposition process for one slice, a skeleton-based offset deposition tool-path method is used to generate continuous moving paths. A method to build a non uniform (thickness) layer which utilizes two processes is presented and an overall algorithm for integration is described. The newly developed algorithm implemented in the process planning helps the hybrid system build part more efficiently.

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28th Design Automation Conference


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Algorithms; Automation; Deposition; Layered Manufacturing; Planning; Process Engineering; Adaptive Algorithms; Computer Aided Design; Electric Grounding; Flexible Manufacturing Systems; Hybrid Computers; Hybrid Systems; Process Control; Process Planning

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 2002

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