Thermomechanical Modeling of Laminated Plates with Piezoelectric Sensors and Actuators


A finite element model is developed for the active control of thermally induced vibration of laminated composite plates with piezoelectric sensors and actuators. The present model takes into account the mass, stiffness and thermal expansion of the piezoelectric patches. A C° continuous nine noded shear flexible element is implemented to model the plate. The piezoelectric sensing layer monitors the structural oscillation due to the direct piezoelectric effect and the actuator suppresses the oscillation via the converse piezoelectric effect. These two effects are then coupled with a constant gain negative velocity/positive position feedback control algorithm to actively control the dynamic response of the plate in a closed loop. Numerical results indicate that thermally induced deformation of a laminated plate can be suppressed through the application of electrical potential to the piezoelectric patches.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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1996-756X; 0277-786X

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06 May 1994