Heat Transfer in Two Phase Solid Rocket Plumes


Results of a Direct Simulation Monte Carlo and free molecule analysis of convective heat transfer to Al203 particles in solid rocket plume environments are presented. Particle diameters are assumed to be 4 μm and the plume gases are C02, H2O, CO, and N2. Plume gas temperature is 2000 K. Particle temperatures of 1500, 2000, and 2500 K are investigated for Knudsen numbers from 0.5 to 1000. (from slip flow to free molecule Bow) Heat transfer is presented in terms of Nusselt number. It is shown that both the Kavanau and the Kashmarov and Svirshevskii correlations predict accurate particle Nusselt numbers as a function of Reynolds number (or relative velocity). This is the first correlation of Nusselt number for high temperature plume gases. In addition, it is shown that vibrational excitation of the gas molecules is an important effect.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 1995