Currently, there is considerable interest in scramjet engines for hypersonic aircraft and missiles. This paper presents preliminary calculations of the radiative heating of the walls of scramjet combustion chambers. The analysis assumes isothermal, constant property flow fields which are representative of actual combustor flow fields. The fuel is H2 and N2 is taken as inert. Temperature in the combustor is on the order of 2000 to 3000 K and pressure is of the order of 5 atm. The combustion products consist mainly of H2O and OH. These gases are strong radiators in the infrared. Radiation heating can be significant because of the high temperature and pressure and the strong gas emitters. The radiation fluxes from H2O and OH are predicted to be as large as 24 W/cm2, depending on the size of the combustor. Larger combustors have larger radiative heating. For airplane applications, where the engine must go through many cycles between overhauls, the combustor will need thermal radiative protection.


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01 Jan 1996