An infrared extinction technique was used to characterize spatially and temporally the vapor phase of a transient fuel spray. Optical extinction data were taken at two laser wavelengths and compared to obtain fuel vapor partial pressure values averaged over the line-of-sight through the spray. A transient fuel injector spray was characterized at several axial positions with a spatial resolution of 0.125 cm and a temporal resolution of 0.2 ms. With the knowledge of an axisymmetric spray pulse, the line-of-sight averaged results were deconvoluted to obtain spatially resolved vapor pressure data. The same spray was also characterized using phase/doppler interferometry to obtain droplet size and velocity distributions. Gas phase velocity information, obtained from the behavior of the smallest droplets, was combined with the spatially resolved vapor results to obtain the vapor flux. The results provide a detailed comparison of liquid and vapor transport in a transient spray environment.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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01 Jan 1996