Robust Vibration Control of Composite Beams using Piezoelectric Devices and Neural Networks


A finite element model of a laminated composite beam with integrated piezoelectric sensors and actuators was developed. The finite element formulation, which was based on a higher order shear deformation theory and accounts for the lateral strains, is applicable for both thin and thick laminated composite beams. The reduced order model was used to develop a state space model of the system. An LQG/LTR based robust controller was designed using the state space model of the system. The performance of the controller was verified for various arbitrary initial conditions. A system of neural networks was then trained to emulate the robust controller. A robustness study including effects of tip mass, structural parameter variation, and loss of a sensor input was performed. The NN controller is shown to provide robustness and control capabilities equivalent to that of the LQG/LTR controller.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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01 Dec 1996

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