Feature-Based Design in an Integrated CAD/CAM System for Design for Manufacturability of Machining Prismatic Parts


In this paper, we put forth an approach of incorporating manufacturing knowledge in the design cycle for an integrated CAD/CAM system for design for manufacturability based on feature-based design. This system is intended to assist the designer to evaluate the design from the manufacturing point of view from the start of the product design cycle. The proposed system is composed of three major modules: design module, interface module, and design for manufacturability module. The design module includes a 3D geometric modeler and a feature library with features that are created by a hybrid CSG, B-rep and sweep approach. The design is communicated to the design for manufacturability module by an interface module. The interface module maps design features into manufacturing features. This mapping involves certain geometric reasoning, and thus, the mapping module interacts considerably with the geometric modeler. The mapping results are then used by the design for manufacturability module to evaluate the manufacturability of the designed part. This paper focuses on how the CAD data from design module are transformed into information that can be used by the design for manufacturability. Only machining of prismatic parts are considered in this paper. An example is given to illustrate the use of the proposed system.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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01 Dec 1997

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