A Euler code is used to predict the flow field over a hypersonic missile and to determine the carryover factors KW(B), fin lift in the presence of the body, and KB(W), lift produced by the body in the presence of the fins. The missile is assumed to have cruciform, delta fins in the + orientation and an aspect ratio of 1.529. Results are presented as a function of fin span at Mach 6, 8, and 10, for a 2-deg angle of attack. Two ratios of specific heats, 1.4 and 1.3, are considered to partially account for vibrational excitation effects. Both carryover factors have approximately the same variation with fin size as their slender body predictions. The values of KW(B) and KB(W) are 2 for a missile without fins. The value of KW(B) decreases toward 1 and KB(W) decreases toward 0.20 as the fin span becomes large. At a fixed fin size, KW(B) decreases, and KB(W) increases as Mach number increases. At a fixed value of fin size and Mach number, both KW(B) and KB(W) increase slightly due to vibrational excitation effects.


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01 Jan 1998