Interaction Of A Tunnel-like Acoustic Disturbance Field With A Normal Shock Wave: Theory And Simulation


The interaction of a nominally normal shock wave with a homogeneous field of acoustic waves (shock/acoustics interaction) is studied using direct numerical simulation (DNS) and linear interaction analysis (LIA). The inflow boundary condition for the DNS of shock/acoustics interaction is prescribed using the saved data of a precursor DNS of boundary-layer acoustic radiation. The DNS results are compared with those of LIA that models linear dynamics for making distinctions between linear and nonlinear mechanisms. The results show that the broadband tunnel noise radiated from the the tunnel-wall turbulent boundary layer can be well represented by an acoustic model with an ansatz of slow acoustic waves. With successful calibration of the model parameters against the precursor tunnel DNS, such an acoustic ansatz can successfully reproduce both the frequency-wavenumber spectra and the temporal evolution of the broadband tunnel noise radiated from the tunnel wall. The study of shock/acoustics interaction showed that a good comparison in the turbulent kinetic energy u′k u′k /2 and pressure fluctuation variance u′2 behind the shock was achieved between DNS and LIA. The power spectral density (PSD) of post-shock total pressure ut,2′ is found to be similar to that of the pre-shock static pressure u1′ in both near-field and far-field.


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01 Jan 2022