An Analytical And Experimental Examination Of A Latent Thermal Management System


This paper presents the results of an analytical and experimental examination of a latent thermal energy storage system as part of an ongoing investigation of the thermal aspects of future spacecraft thermal management systems. Experiments have been performed in a shell-and-tuhe heat exchanger in which eight horizontal tubes were filled with P116 (a Sun wax). An improved mathematical model, based on a one-dimensional analysis, for the freezing process was used to aid in the design of the experimental apparatus. The improved technique employs a two time level, multi-step implicit method with backward time differencing and one-sided space differencing. Comparisons of previous experimental data with predictions of the time dependent, axial distribution of the temperature of the heat transfer fluid were used to verify the technique. The solid-liquid phase front motion behavior was photographically explored by using a video cassette recording system.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 1987