A Steady State Axisymmetric Penetration Problem For Rigid/perfectly Plastic Materials


The axisymmetric deformations of an eroding long cylindrical rod made of a rigid/perfectly plastic material penetrating at a uniform rate into a thick rigid/perfectly plastic target are studied by the finite element method. It is assumed that the deformations appear steady to an observer situated at the stagnation point and moving with it, and that the contact between the target and the penetrator at the common interface is smooth. It is found that the resisting force experienced by the penetrator, the shape of the target/penetrator interface, and the distribution of normal tractions on it depend rather strongly upon the square of the penetration speed and also upon the ratio of the mass density of the penetrator to that of the target. In an attempt to help establish desirable testing regimes for practical problems we have also computed time histories of the hydrostatic pressure, second invariant of the strain-rate tensor and the spin for four typical penetrator and two typical target particles. © 1991.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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01 Jan 1991