Three Rapid And Effective Requirements Definition Modelling Tools: Evolving Technology For Manufacturing System Investigations


Current structured analysis tools are plagued by such problems as long completion times, complex notation, high costs, and voluminous documentation. To overcome these difficulties, the authors propose three new tools for effective definition of integrated information systems for manufacturing systems: the triple diagonal, the user-concept diagram, and the concept map. The triple diagonal is used to identify and prioritize major information system modules required of the factory. The user-concept diagram plays a complementary, expansive role to the triple diagonal as it serves to model the details of the process Dow for major information system modules. The concept map is used in parallel with both of the above tools to help structure important entity/object classes making up ihc database. The tools were tested through a case study involving a startup information system design effort. This effort involved the verification of contractor software support of essential information flows within a large re-manufacturing facility for overhaul of engines and transmissions. Together, the tools aided the startup effort by decreasing the time necessary to acquire manufacturing information system requirements, lowering the costs of such an analysis, and improving consensus among the various cross-functional teams responsible for the analysis, design and startup of the facility. © 1994 Taylor & Francis Ltd.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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01 Jan 1994