Vortex Developments over Steady and Accelerated Airfoils Incorporating a Trailing Edge Jet


Computational and Experimental Studies Are Conducted to Investigate the Influence of a Trailing Edge Jet on Flow Separation and Subsequent Vortex Formation over Steady and Accelerated Airfoils at High Angles of Attack. a Computer Code, Employing the Stream Function-Vorticity Approach, is Developed and Utilized to Conduct Numerical Experiments on the Flow Problem. to Verify and Economize Such Efforts, an Experimental System is Developed and Incorporated into a Subsonic Wind Tunnel Where Streamline and Vortex Flow Visualization Experiments Are Conducted. the Study Demonstrates the Role of the Trailing Edge Jet in Controlling Flow Separation and Subsequent Vortex Development for Steady and Accelerating Flow at Angles Past the Static Stall Angle of Attack. the Results Suggest that the Concept of the Trailing Edge Jet May Be Utilized to Control the Characteristics of Unsteady Separated Flows over Lifting Surfaces. This Control Possibility Seems to Be Quite Effective and Could Have a Significant Role in Controlling Unsteady Separated Flows.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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01 Jan 1993