Unsteady Pressure Distributions Around an Aeroelastic NACA 0012 Wing in Transonic Flows


As Part of a Multi-Phased Research Program, Known as the Benchmark Models Program, at the NASA Langley Research Center, Unsteady Pressure Measurements at Flutter Conditions of an Aeroelastic NACA 0012 Wing in Transonic Flows Were Obtained and Anafyzed. the Wing-Model Was Equipped with an Array of Eighty Pressure Transducers and Mounted on a Flexible Plunging/pitching Mechanism in the Langley Transonic Dynamics Tunnel. Streamwise Pressure Measurements at Two Spanwise Locations Were Acquired and Examined in the Time and Frequency Domains for a Mach Number Range between 0.5 and 0.88. the Objective Was to Obtain the Resulted Unsteady Pressure Distributions and Employ Them in Examining Associated Complicated Flow Developments Such as the Separation and Reattachment of Laminar Bubbles Near the Leading Edge, Supersonic Flow Regions, and Shock Wave Locations. Several Features of the Fourier Analyzed Pressure Signals Were Employed in Analyzing These Flow Occurrences. the Paper Presents Detailed Discussions and Analysis of Data Collected. Main Emphasis Will Be on the Developments of Suction Peaks, Shock Wave Formation, and Cross-Correlations of Pressure Measurements.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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01 Jan 1995