These data were acquired to estimate the parameters of a closed form solution of a one-dimensional transient convection heat diffusion PDE. The purpose was to demonstrate that the model could be used to determine the thermal conductivity. The system was tested for a wide range of thermal conductivity, 15-400 W/mK, in order to verify that the method was applicable for various materials. The data reported here refer to the study in the research articles, “Material Thermal Properties Estimation Via a One-Dimensional Transient Convection Model” and “Influence of porosity on the thermal, electrical, and mechanical performance of selective laser melted stainless steel”. The dataset contains the raw data obtained from the temperature acquisition system as well as the processed results from a Python program to determine the thermal conductivity from a forced convection, transient one-dimensional heat diffusion equation.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Thermal conductivity; Additive manufacturing; Analytical model; Parameter estimation; One-dimensional; Transient analysis

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