Multifunctional carbon fiber composites provide promising results such as high strength-to-weight ratio, thermal and electrical conductivity, high-intensity radiated field, etc. for aerospace applications. Tailoring the electrical and structural properties of 3D-printed composites is the critical step for multifunctional performance. This paper presents a novel method for evaluating the effects of the coating material system on the continuous carbon fiber strand on the multifunctional properties of 3D-printed composites and the material's microstructure. A new method was proposed for the quasi-static characterization of the Compressive-Electrical properties on the additively manufactured continuous carbon fiber solid laminate composites. In this paper, compressive and electrical conductivity tests were simultaneously conducted on the 3D-printed test coupons at ambient temperature. This new method modified the existing method of addressing monofunctional carbon fiber composites by combining the monofunctionality of two or more material systems to achieve the multifunctional performance on the same component, thereby reducing the significant weight. The quasi-static multifunctional properties reported a maximum compressive load of 4370 N, ultimate compressive strength of 136 MPa, and 61.2 G Ohms of electrical resistance. The presented method will significantly reduce weight and potentially replace the bulky electrical wires in spacecraft, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), and aircraft.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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3D Printing; Additive Manufacturing; Carbon Fiber Composites; Compressive Strength; Compressive-Electrical Properties; Multifunctional Characterization; Quasi-Static

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