Metallic components can gain defects such as dents, cracks, wear, heat checks, deformation, etc., that need to be repaired before reinserting into service for extending the lifespan of these parts. In this study, a hybrid process was developed to integrate reverse engineering, pre-repair processing, additive manufacturing, and material testing for the purpose of part remanufacturing. Worn components with varied defects were scanned using a 3D scanner to recreate the three-dimensional models. Pre-repair processing methods which include pre-repair machining and heat-treatment were introduced. Strategies for pre-repair machining of defects including surface impact damage, surface superficial damage and cracking were presented. Pre-repair heat-treatment procedure for H13 tool steel which was widely used in die/mold application was introduced. Repair volume reconstruction methodology was developed to regain the missing geometry on worn parts. The repair volume provides a geometry that should be restored in the additive manufacturing process. A damaged component was repaired using the directed energy deposition process to rebuild the worn geometry. The repaired part was inspected in microstructure and mechanical aspects to evaluate the repair. The hybrid process solved key issues associated with repair, providing a solution for automated metallic component remanufacturing.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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This research was funded by National Science Foundation, grant number CMMI-1547042 and CMMI-1625736.

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Additive manufacturing; Component remanufacturing; Hybrid process; Material testing; Reverse engineering

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1996-1944; 1996-1944

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