Mechanical Properties of Zr-Based Bulk Metallic Glass Parts Fabricated by Laser-Foil-Printing Additive Manufacturing


The application of bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) has been traditionally limited to parts with small dimensions and simple geometries, due to the requirement of fast cooling during the conventional process of casting. This research exemplifies a promising additive manufacturing method, i.e., laser-foil-printing (LFP), to fabricate high-quality BMG parts with large dimensions and complex geometries. In this study, Zr52.5Ti5Al10Ni14.6Cu17.9 BMG parts were fabricated by LFP technology in which MG foils are laser welded layer-by-layer upon a substrate. The mechanical properties of the fabricated BMG parts were measured using micro-indentation, tensile test and four-point bending test, and compared to as-cast BMG parts. Through LFP, as rapid cooling rates can be achieved, fully amorphous and nearly fully dense BMG parts without cracking have been successfully made. The glass transition temperature, crystallization temperature, and melting temperature of the fabricated parts are nearly the same as those of the as-cast parts. Additionally, the fabricated BMG parts exhibit mechanical properties, including micro-hardness, tensile strength, and flexural strength, comparable to the as-cast BMG parts.


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This work was supported by the U.S. Department of Energy [Grant number DE-FE0012272 ], the University of Missouri System [Award number FastTrack-16002R ], and the Intelligent Systems Center of Missouri S&T.

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3D printers; Aluminum alloys; Copper alloys; Deposition; Glass; Glass transition; Industrial research; Mechanical properties; Metallic glass; Microhardness; Tensile strength; Tensile testing; Titanium alloys; Zirconium alloys; Bulk metallic glass; Complex geometries; Crystallization temperature; Four-point bending test; Laser process; Micro indentation; Simple geometries; Zr based bulk metallic glass; Fabrication; Additive manufacturing; Laser processing

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01 Jan 2019