Damage Reconstruction from Tri-Dexel Data for Laser-Aided Repairing of Metallic Components


The laser-assisted additive manufacturing process for component repair requires the repair volume to generate the tool path for building up specific material in the worn area. This paper introduces a damage reconstruction algorithm benefits from tri-dexel modeling. At first, nominal and damaged models were acquired through robot-aided 3D scanning process. Then, damaged models were aligned with nominal models by aligning the associated features using the least-squares method. The area covering the defective region was manually selected, and the minimum bounding box of the area was defined and subsequently sliced into a number of grids according to a user-defined grid interval. After that, rays were projected from each grid node in three orthogonal directions to intersect the selected region of nominal and damaged models. Point set in the damaged zone was extracted by comparing intersections of rays with nominal and damaged models. STereoLithography model of damage was reconstructed based on extracted point cloud using Screened Poisson Surface Reconstruction algorithm. Reconstructed damage was compared with real damage to test the accuracy of the damage reconstruction process. Regained damage was sliced into layers to generate the tool path for material deposition. Repair experiments were conducted to deposit materials in the defective area. Illustrating examples were implemented at last to test the functionality and reliability of the proposed methodology.


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The support from NSF grants CMMI-1547042, CMMI-1625736, EEC-1004839, and Center for Energy Technology and Strategy, National Cheng Kung University, and National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology are appreciated. We also appreciate the financial support provided by the Intelligent Systems Center (ISC) at the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

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3D printers; Laser materials processing; Least squares approximations; Repair; Additive manufacturing process; Component repairs; Least squares methods; Orthogonal directions; Reconstruction algorithms; Reconstruction process; Stereolithography models; Surface reconstruction algorithms; Surface reconstruction; Additive manufacturing; Damage reconstruction; Tri-dexel model

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01 Jun 2018