The design of a robust guidance system for a robot is discussed. The two major tasks for this guidance system are the online recognition of a moving object invariant to rotation and translation, and tracking the moving object using a neural-network-driven vision system. This system included computer software ported to the IBM PC and interfaced with an IBM 7535 robot. The operation of this guidance system involved recognition of a moving object and the ability to track it till the robot and effector was in close proximity of the object. It was found that the robot was able to track a moving object as long as it did not leave the region visible to the camera. Recognition was successfully demonstrated for objects of arbitrary shapes. Even similarly shaped objects of different sizes were correctly recognized.

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IEEE 1992 National Aerospace and Electronics Conference, 1992


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

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IBM 7535 Robot; IBM PC; IBM Computers; Computer Software; Computer Vision; Guidance of Robots; Moving Object; Neural Nets; Neural Networks; Online Recognition; Pattern Recognition; Position Control; Recognition; Robots; Tracking

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01 Jan 1992